Guideline tensile strength on test items machined from brake drum/disc touch faces: – 241 N/mm2 European Requirement minimum – 35,000 psi Amercian Requirement minimal” – Winnard and Sons Ltd: Brake Disc and Brake Drum Material Specification The parts used in the brake pads of both the disk and calliper brakes are various when they are made for cars. When halting the momentum of a car, the brake pad is put beneath a far greater force than when preventing a bicycle. This is due to a few things, including the speed at which the auto is vacationing and the mass of the automobile, either one of which are generally better in cars. The metals used are usually metal, copper or brass fibres, as well as a mix of a variety of composites including – graphite, iron oxide, glass fibres, phosphate and rubber – which are bonded together with a resin of phenol formaldehyde. The metals that are added help to increase life span by getting better the capability of the compound to fritter away heat at high speeds. The complexity of all three designs is vastly heightened when relocating from bicycle to motor vehicle.
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