The authors aimed to characterize the businesses working during this community and the role performed by the companies’ leaders over the first four years of its operation, investigating motives for the agencies’ advent and the quantity of group endeavor and created a brand for policymakers and individuals of PSNs. Qualitative phenomenological and quantitative data amassed from 16 semi established interviews, and a focal point community indicated various rates of participation within the businesses, distinguishing open and closed groups and picking out reasons for his or her introduction. The findings point out the importance of social networking companies for participants’ non-public and professional development, the significance of the group managers’ recreation, and reasons for a collection’s fulfillment or failure. Group participants’ were knowledgeable at the suggestions for successful neighborhood management. “Shluvim” is a professional social network hereinafter: PSN in Israel. It serves as an area for academic experts to collaborate and percentage skills, empower their expert advancement and obtain emotional aid.
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