In fact, with out the renaissance of African American tap dancing between the Sixties and Eighties, it is not likely “Riverdance” could ever have happened. African American tap dancing, then, is in any case the godparent of nowadays’s most efficient dance show and a real groundwork of what may be known as World Dance, just as African American tune can be argued to be a strong basis for World Beat. This paper outlines the seminal pursuits and vital figures that led directly from African American tap dancing to “Riverdance”. The strategy used to display the likelihood that “Riverdance” could not have been created were it not for African American tap dance, is to draw parallels and elucidate convergences between the historical Irish step dance and the African American tap dance paperwork. The event that began to put African American dancers back in the public eye was the Civil Rights act of 1964. 39 After that, the African American performer was not regarded just an entertainer, but an artist, a whole fledged member of the mainstream of dance.
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