g. Jun 04, 2019 · Poems of lower than four strains, can be incorporated to your paper employing citation marks, as if quoting prose. Put a forward reduce at the end of every line to mark the road holiday in the original source: Example: In “The Poem,” when William Carlos Williams writes, “It’s all in/the sound” 1 2, he’s arguing for the lyrical satisfactory of words. For example: Plath’s speaker lets her unexpected feelings about being pregnant be accepted: Money’s new minted during this fat handbag. When quoting a film, a writer should cite conscientiously just like they may cite a poem or novel. Reis mentioned that men were not completely proof against those ideas of suckling and sensual excitement, as a result of “their bodies were searched all over the pains, and the investigations now and again found out proof of such activity,” although such findings were rare. As a effect, many believed that men’s “bodies were more difficult and less tempting gadgets of the devil’s attacks. ”One attribute that both men and girls shared concerning the witch hunts was the concept that their souls were feminine. Therefore, men’s souls were considered just as evil as women’s. In the eighteenth century, many believed ladies’s anatomy was as exact to men’s except pointing inward. Consequently, they conception that “inwardness meant femaleness,” which was why the soul was believed to be feminine.
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