In South African universities, and in some disciplines like many of the natural sciences and in addition History and English, the passive voice has a tendency to be favorite over a more active voice, also premier some students into complicated territory. There also are many other pieces of assistance that the grammar checker indicates that would really make your sentences nonsensical in case you followed them, customarily regarding field and verb agreement. When it underlines your work in green squiggles, MSWord is telling you that your writing just isn’t correct, but it also is not continuously aiding you to make the correct revisions or explaining why you want them. So, an easy and flippant ‘just use the grammar checker’ is in all probability not constantly the surest element to say to an undergraduate pupil, even person who has been taught formerly in English or has it as a first or home language. Furthermore, spelling checkers are, individually, only really usable in an educated way if you have already got a sense of ways the word will be spelled. If you have no idea, then being offered with options may not be constructive.
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