Essentially, there are some individuals who are concerned that a confluence of factors is responsible for making this generation preoccupied with themselves in an unhealthy way. Those factors come with the reality that many individuals during this generation have grown up in a worldwide wherein expertise was instantly accessible. Demands for immediate gratification because of the ubiquity and the pervasive nature of technologies such as the cyber web and those of the cellphone contraptions that let continuous access to the global at massive have arguably accounted for a generation wherein people are concerned approximately themselves and their own desires in a method this is disproportionate to that of alternative generations. Additionally, ideas such as the purported feminization…… These may contribute to the formation and endurance of dysfunctional narcissism. Millon’s biosocial view appears to be that narcissistic children are spawned by narcissistic parents who overindulge them, giving them a feeling of specialness that creates expectations about praise and subservience from others Silverstein, 2007, p. 30.
Portfolio Analysis
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